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- tofu hamburger
-Japanese omelet
-simmered konnyaku
-Japanese tea rice
-pickled eggplant

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by secdimtem | 2006-01-31 20:39 | お弁当-Box lunch-



-simmered eggplant and shimeji mushroom
-Japanese omelet(paprika)
-potato salad(bacon,green soybeans)
-ground meat(curry taste)


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by secdimtem | 2006-01-30 08:57 | お弁当-Box lunch-



サイズ /W16XD12XH8cm




This is an introduction of my lunch box.

material/ABS plastic

Checkpoints for selecting this lunch box are as follow:

-Sufficiently large size - I wanna put a lot of vegetables in the lunch box.
-Black inside of the lunch box- black color is good for a foundation of all colors of the bento contents.
-Square shape, and not elongated-I can put a big piece of food. The square shape allows me to have the variety of arrangement.
-It has an inner lid-If the juice should get off from the box it will stop that.
-The lap of the two parts of the lunch box is thin- If the lap is not thin that will crush the food when I close the lid.
-Easy to clean
-Simple appearance

It was very difficult to find the lunch box which satisfys those requirements. I looked around for it in some stores.

To tell the truth, I didn't like the paint of this lunch box but I couldn't find a better one and got this.
However,I like this lunch box because it's useful to me.

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by secdimtem | 2006-01-29 21:29 | お弁当箱-Lunch box-



- tempura(bud of tara tree)
-macaroni and mandarin orange salad
-salad spinach
-boiled egg
-fried eggplant and eringi mushroom
-cabbage and paprika salad
-kintoki beans
-chicken rice


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by secdimtem | 2006-01-27 09:49 | お弁当-Box lunch-



-pork wrap with Korian lettuce
-simmered carrot
-Japanese omelet
-broccoli sprout
-rolled cabbage with ham
-steamed rice(pickled eggplant)

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by secdimtem | 2006-01-26 10:00 | お弁当-Box lunch-



- hamburger steak
-Japanese omelet(Tokyo spring onion)
-simmered small onion
-shimeji mushroom and wakame
-red onion
-steamed rice
-steamed brown rice(pickled daikon, pickled ume, black sesame)

- ハンバーグ

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by secdimtem | 2006-01-23 11:03 | お弁当-Box lunch-



-tempura(squash, shrimp,green soybeans)
-simmered celery and maitake mushroom
-sweet and sour daikon radish
-simmered taro
-shimmered pork
-red onion
-boiled egg
-oat rice(pickled ume)

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by secdimtem | 2006-01-20 09:23 | お弁当-Box lunch-



-shimmered pork
-grilled maitake mushroom and sweet bell pepper
-fish sausage and cheese
-Japanese omelet (nori)
-snap pea
-apple and avocado salad
-steamed rice (nori)


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by secdimtem | 2006-01-19 09:10 | お弁当-Box lunch-



-rolled breast meat of chicken with french beans
-simmered fried fu and nappa cabbage
-snap pea
-mini tomato
-Japanese omelet(Tokyo spring onion, ham)
-steamed rice(simmered small fish and sweet bell pepper)

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by secdimtem | 2006-01-17 09:39 | お弁当-Box lunch-


-meat loaf (cheese)
-Japanese omelet(sweet bell pepper)
-sauteed eringi mushroom with ham
-red onion
-squash with plum
-steamed rice with germ(pickled ume)


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by secdimtem | 2006-01-16 10:08 | お弁当-Box lunch-